Webinar – Write Your Play With Angie Le Mar

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Saturday Morning Sessions

4 weeks to write your play.
Get your 1st Draft out of your head.
5 pages a day
How to get your play from page to stage.
Hidden Truths.
Visualise the end at the beginning.





Lets get writing.

What is the story.

Who is the audience.

130 mins included Q&A


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  1. Karen Allen June 30, 2020 at 7:48 pm

    My feedback

    Angie Le Mar is a legend. When I discovered she was doing a workshop entitled Write Your Play With Me I almost did a back flip. Having previously written a play with absolutely no idea or experience it was exciting to join Angie on a journey which would teach me how to do this properly. It was a phenomenal experience.

    Angie was open, honest and took no nonsense. Her experience and expertise were legendary and her ability to communicate was so easy to grasp. I actually felt like a proper playwright, considering I was only in training. Each session was jam packed with gems, nuggets and personal examples Angie shared with us how she overcame her struggles and how she managed to become of the UKs most profound and prolific play writers. Her excellence was evident.

    Once I completed the course I can confidently say that I have acquired the tools necessary to write any play from thought to theatre. Yeah I said it!!! I know this is possible. Even after the four sessions Angie continues to support, share and speak into our lives encouraging us to keep going and to press through until we see the manifestation of our manuscripts.

    Karen Allen Author/ Speaker

  2. Lesley Anne Miller June 30, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    The sessions
    Writing my first play has proven to be challenging but empowering. My story started off as a short film but when the opportunity came up to write my play with Angie I jumped at the opportunity to turn it into a stage play. It has been great to get expert advice from someone with a wealth of experience of turning an idea into a fully fledged and powerful story. Angie’s approach is based on her own experience as a writer, director, performer and her teaching provides an abundance of knowledge that far exceeds the four sessions of the course. Angie has supported the team of writers through four intense and detailed weeks of not only the getting our stories onto the page but also the confidence to envisage our plays coming alive on stage in the very near future!

    Lesley Anne Miller Actress/Writer

  3. Simone Williams June 30, 2020 at 7:55 pm

    If you want the flowers you need the seeds.
    Here are some seeds guys
    If you want to master you skill this is your lady
    If you want to learn a new skill this is your lady

    Angie Le Mar is one of the best teachers I know she is invested in her craft. If she is teaching you she will deliver if you want to truly learn.

    I have done TWO of her courses
    I did comedy masterclass and from that I went on to start doing stand up comedy prior to covid I had bookings until OCTOBER!!

    I completed her writers course and have my play short movie coming out 2021

    She is the real deal please believe me.

    Book on her course today and trust me if you don’t pick up a gem I will give you back the money myself FACTZ

    Simone Williams Comédienne/Writer

  4. Daniel Sofoluke June 30, 2020 at 8:01 pm

    Here’s my review

    The service Angie provides is worth a lot more than she charges in my opinion.

    But then even calling it a “service” is a disservice

    It’s a performance accelerating growth hub, a self discovery process, a friendship builder, a safe place, a group counselling session & a mini comedy club all rolled into one & then it’s all marinated in the Angie Le Mar experience

    We have a mixed group of regular gigging comics, comics looking to get back on stage, presenters and aspiring comics who have never been on stage

    Most of the people who are already clearly comfortable on stage are the ones that cannot get enough of this master class

    I love it all, the class, group & Angie

    I couldn’t recommend it enough

    Daniel Sofoluke Comedian


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