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The Final Bow

Angie Le Mar, the Multi Award Winning comedienne, writer, and director, will be taking us on a trip down memory lane for one last time. She is a trailblazer in the game, the first lady of black comedy, and an absolute icon. With over forty years of experience, we celebrate her journey.

Angie’s brilliance in humour radiates as she both inspires and empowers the next generation with her words and captivating imagery. Crafting books she would have cherished during her own childhood, Angie’s “Bundle Of Joy” series is a heartfelt gift to the beautiful little people in the world.

Multi-award winning comedienne Angie Le Mar tells us what makes her tick. Suffering from dyslexia, exclusion from school, pioneering in the field of comedy. “I am what dreams are made of.” Yes, that little black girl from Lewisham! “I knew from a young child I had something important to do in the world, and that was to share the gift of laughter.”